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Estate Planning for High Net Worth Individuals

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Estate Planning Strategies There are several estate planning strategies that you can consider: Revocable Trusts – these trusts are a good tool to protect from risks of aging, identity theft, financial abuse and other financial reasons. If you are considering a revocable trust discuss with your estate planning attorney a trust protector in the trust…read more »

Revocable Trusts

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Protecting Your Assets with a Revocable Trusts Revocable Trusts have been used primarily used in the past to avoid probate. The main advantage was to minimize probate or in some cases even to avoid it as part of an estate plan. Today these forms of trusts are more varied and have gotten a bit more…read more »

Estate Planning Tips

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Estate Planning Tips Listed below are estate planning tips for individuals with larger than normal estate valuations. 1. Exercise Swap Powers – make sure there are adequate lines of credit to finance the swap 2. Watch for Waning Capacity – many individuals lose mental capacity as they age, so the sooner you begin estate planning…read more »

Estate Planning – Using Trusts

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Estate Planning – using Trusts In addition to having a Will, depending on your financial situation you might want to consider using trusts in your estate planning strategies. There are numerous types of “trusts” which can range from quite simple to very complex and hard to implement. Number one rule if the trust is to…read more »