Deducting Investment Advice

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Are your fees tax deductible? Certain investment and tax advice are tax deductible on your tax return depending on whether or not you itemize on your return and you meet 2 % limitation amount. Financial planning fees in general are non-deductible, however advice related to investment or tax planning including estate planning are deductible. If…read more »

Using Tracfone on an iPhone

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iPhone 4S on a Tracfone Service Plan In a recent post I discussed how to significantly reduce your monthly cell phone bills by switching to a prepaid plan such as Tracfone. This past week I took a used (hand me down) iPhone 4s that was originally a AT&T cell phone and converted the iPhone to…read more »

Investment Ideas Weekly – Monday Oct 12, 2015

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Investment Ideas – Monday Oct 12, 2015 (Monday – Oct 12, 2015) A weekly forecast and investment ideas covering a range of technical and fundamental analysis securities to assist you in when to buy and when to sell a specific security. This is informational only and is not meant as a recommendation to buy or…read more »

IRA Mistakes to Avoid

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Mistakes to Avoid               There have been recent changes to IRA rollover rules, therefore I have listed 3 IRA Rollover mistakes to avoid below. Missing the 60-day rollover deadline – If you move assets in an IRA account and take direct control of the proceeds you must rollover the…read more »

Building Bond Ladder Vs. Immediate Annuity

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 Bond Ladder Vs. Annuity A bond ladder is one of the most straightforward income strategies to give a yourself a cash flow in each year of retirement. Just buy a series of bonds that will mature for the desired amount of spending in each year of retirement. Ideally, the payments are secured to an advanced…read more »

Going Broke in Retirement

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Going Broke in Retirement Individuals top retirement concern is going broke during retirement. The number one worry is running out of money in retirement. The next major concern in retirement planning is health costs followed but how much to withdraw in assets during retirement years. In recent months, market fluctuations have also been a major…read more »

Cell Phone – How to Reduce Your Monthly Costs

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Cell Phone – How to Reduce Your Monthly Costs   Last week I posted an article on reducing your monthly TV viewing expenses (cable, satellite bills), this week’s focus is on your Cell Phone and how to reduce your monthly expenses. When you consider how much you are spending annually just to carry a cell…read more »

How to Cut Your Cable/Satellite Bill

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How to Cut Your Cable/Satellite Bill   As a financial planner and a consumer, two types of monthly bills can really get me riled up, that being cable/satellite or cell phone bills. Today I would like to discuss cutting your monthly TV viewing costs by half if not even more. Cable industry costs are outrageous…read more »

Condo Rental Tax Write-Offs

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Condo Rental Tax Write-Offs If you are considering buying a condo for rental purposes, keep in mind that different tax rules apply depending on whether you use the property personally and if so for how long. If you rent for less than 15 days and used the property as a vacation or second home, the…read more »

Tax Advantages of ETFs

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Tax Advantages of ETFs There are several advantages to purchasing an Exchange Traded Fund over a mutual fund, a significant advantage is the tax savings; ETFs are more tax efficient than mutual funds, only one of the reasons they’ve been gaining market share. Most mutual funds distribute 100 percent of income and capital gains each…read more »

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