Divorce Settlements – Your Residence

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Divorce Settlements – Your Residence Divorce can be one of your largest financial transactions that you will experience in your lifetime, so be sure you are prepared to achieve the most equitable divorce settlement. Listed below are four common mistakes you should avoid making with your principal residence: 1. Not knowing your true cost basis…read more »

Buying US Savings Bonds

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Buying US Savings Bonds An alternative to buying certificates of deposits (CD’s), saving account and money market funds can be found via US Savings Bonds. US Series I Savings Bond pay a yield that is tied to the Consumer Price Index and is adjusted twice a year in May and November; the current yield is…read more »

Establishing an Emergency Fund

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Establishing an Emergency Fund   Welcome to DFI Wealth Strategies Blog The goal of this blog is to bring you on a weekly basis articles on a variety of financial planning topics to include financial planning, investment portfolio management, tax and estate planning, cash flow management, insurance planning, business planning and general consumer related financial…read more »

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