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Emergency Savings

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Setting Up an Emergency Fund Account How to get started: Before we discuss “the how”; let’s set some written goals Set Goals Your savings goals are unique to you and your situation.  Your goals can be short or long term; they can be big or small.  ask yourself these questions: Are my goals realistic? Be…read more »

How to Save Money on Your Phone Expenses

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Skype and Ooma If you have access to Internet service (at home or work), you can cut your phone costs down to nearly nothing. There are two products/services that will accomplish this: I personally use both services and quite happy with both. Skype and Ooma Skype has a 50% off deal right now. You get…read more »

Social Security Update for 2017

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The Latest Social Security Information in 2017 Bad news is that social security benefits only increased for 2017 a very small fraction of 1 % (0.3%)and that disappeared by the increase of Medicare Part B payments during the year. This increase was the Cost of Living adjustment for the entire year. Now the good news;…read more »

Secrets to Success

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SECRETS TO SUCCESS This past week I read an article from Investors Business (IBD) on the ten secrets to success which I have borrow and listed below with my comments. HOW YOU THINK IS EVERYTHING: Always be positive. Think success, not failure. Beware of a negative environment. In other words, “you become what you think…read more »

Be Careful with Student Loan Refi’s

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 Student Loan Refi’s College loans refinancing is complex due to the combination of federal and private loan programs. Flexible loan repayments are available today only for the federal student loans, so be careful if considering adding any private student loans to the mix. If you don’t do your research and shop wisely you could find…read more »

Reasons Why You Will Always Be Poor

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Why You Will Always Be Poor 1. You spend more money then you make 2. Paying way too much for your cell phone & TV viewing 3. Lack of patience – wanting it all now 4. Unwilling to give up one thing for another 5. Buying depreciable assets 6. Not sticking to a budget 7….read more »

When to Consider Bankruptcy?

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Bankruptcy When to call an attorney is a question that needs to be answered; asking a bankruptcy attorney whether or not you need their assistance is a bit tricky after all they make their living processing bankruptcies. A better choice in my opinion is seeking help from a financial planner first to review your assets…read more »

How to Increase Your Credit Score

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Credit Scores The most important factor when considering one’s credit score is paying your creditors on-time each and every month. In addition, you should strive to keep your balances low if you don’t pay off your balances every month. I would advise if you cannot pay in full each month, do not buy what you…read more »

Best Places for Your Cash

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Interest Bearing Accounts The FEDs raised rates this past December by 25 basis points, in other words ¼ of a percent. Really haven’t seen that reflected in interest bearing accounts, though banks did raise the amount of interest charged on a variety of loans quickly. So you may be wondering where is the best places…read more »

4 Reasons Women Are More Vulnerable in Retirement

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Women in Retirement   Longevity – It’s a known fact that women typically out life their counterparts (men). Basically women outlive men and their average longevity age is 81.2 vs. men’s at 76.4. The longer you live, the more likely you might outlive your retirement assets. Income Inequality – As a whole women earn less…read more »